Thursday, April 12, 2007

if I keep waiting for...

...the perfect time to post, when I have hours available to detail the last month, you'll never hear from me again.

And that would be sad.


We're a family of four! Anna is an absolute delight and is settling in well as the newest member of our family. James has vacilated between indifference, jealousy and occassionally total disgust (with a few rays of sweetness and helpfulness) as far as having a sibling goes, but really he's being as kind as an uprooted, newly two year old toddler getting his last molars could be expected to be.

Life is crazy in both good and challenging ways... being laid off has, to put it mildly, completely fucked up our work/home and financial balance in about a dozen increasingly frustrating ways. Ugh. But it's not the end of the world... and really: having the two children I am blessed to parent is worth it.

Pics are more exciting than this drivel, eh? Lemme share my gorgeous kiddos with you....

James holding a very serious Anna. Oh the bribing that took place to get this shot.

Ahhh! Bowlicious! Anna with Easter basket bling festooned merrily to her scalp!

I dare you to resist the chub. The cuteness overwhelms.

So effin cute.

So, thanks to those of you who've commented or emailed, and sorry for falling off the face of the Earth. Mommaing two is HARD. But I'll try to be better and remember that it's ok if I don't write a deeply meaningful post every time. You'all want the pics more anyway. ;)



Jbeeky said...

She is the cutest baby ever! Oh that face! That smile! I love it! Thanks for updating us, I am glad to hear you are surviving and actually doing ok if tired!

kidshapedholes said...

Congratulations, gah what a gorgeous family!!

Jbeeky said...

Happy Mothers Day. To both of you!

Mayhem said...

Erin! Oh, your kids are beautiful! Somehow I've missed checking on your blog, and now... you have a whole 'nother kid!

Congratulations to your whole family, and Happy Belated Mother's Day!

(Totally dying of the Cute over here...)

art-sweet said...



Clementine said...

It was so nice to meet you this weekend! Happy Pride to all 4 of you.